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How to support financially

Follow these 4 simple steps to support us financially. Use the images to the left as a visual guide to each step if needed.

  1. Visit First Presbyterian Church of Trenton — this is the church that is officially sending us out to start a new church. Choose Menu in the bottom right corner. ​(fig. 1)

  2. From the menu choose the Resources arrow. Next, from the drop-down list click Online Giving. (fig. 2)

  3. From here you must decide if you'd like to make a one time gift or recurring giving. For a single gift just scroll down in the FUND bar and choose Abundant Mercy Church. Then enter the amount and payment information. To setup something weekly or monthly you must press SIGN IN at the top. (fig. 3)

  4. If you choose to sign in, you will proceed to the next step. This will bring up the option of signing in for via text or email. If this is your first time setting things up, then you need to click REGISTER at the bottom.  (fig. 4)

    Please contact jspeyers@abundantmercychurch.org with any questions or issues with this process.


Thank you so much for support this Evangelistic endeavor!

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fig. 1

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fig. 2

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fig. 3

fig. 4