Please beseech the throne of God for the lost souls of this area in northwest Detroit. We are convinced that this work will not be fruitful or be able to do anything without the power of Jesus at work. (John 15:5) Pray that God would send the right people on this mission, that He would care for us, and most of all that He would be glorified on these streets. Call on the name of the Lord with us!

Tell everyone you know that this is happening. Please particularly consider who you know that lives in Detroit or has a heart for this city and would be excited to see the Gospel go forward in this way. Then, connect them with our team so that we can explain more about the mission of this church.



Has the Lord blessed you with earthly resources that you want to leverage for the expansion of His Kingdom? Please ask our God how He might have you display His glory through a generous spirit and make an eternal investment in the lives of the people of Detroit. We would be greatly encouraged by the financial support of those in Metro-Detroit, the Midwest, and beyond. (2 Cor 9:13) Give Now

We are seeking highly committed team members for this mission. Has your heart been burning for an opportunity to share Jesus with your neighbors in Detroit? Our goal is to develop a strong, Spirit-led squad who will assist with the launching of this church. We need willing servants who will come together to get this church off the ground. These disciples of Jesus will help with community projects, logistics, and developing plans to reach this area. Ask God if He is sending you ride with us for this season. (Is 6:8)